• Silence must be observed in and around the library
  • Briefcases, bags, nylon bags, boxes, umbrellas, sticks, cameras etc. must be deposited at the porters lodge at owner’s risk
  • No reader is allowed to go into the Library with blade, knife, gum etc.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking or use of naked light is strictly prohibited in the library
  • No reader is allowed to make voice calls on their mobile phones in the Library.
  • Students are allowed to bring in their laptops for use in the library but at their own risk.
  • All readers must show all books, papers and bags to the official at the Library exit.
  • Long overdues shall attract the withholding of the student’s examination results at the end of each semester and the affected students shall not be allowed to register for classes until books are retuned and fines are paid.
  • All transferring or graduating students and outgoing staff shall be required to obtain clearance from the Library before they are cleared by the Bursar.
  • Lost/borrowed books shall be paid for at the prevailing cost plus administrative charge of 15% before a student is registered or given the result of the semester examination. For staff, the cost of replacement of such books shall be deducted from the staff salary at source unless he/she  pays up immediately.
  • No books should be marked, defaced or damaged in any way. Readers are held responsible for any damage to books in their care.