The General Collection

This Collection consists mostly of monographs and textbooks which cover various fields of study and are located in the two General Reading rooms. The books are organised with the Library of Congress classification scheme and are located on the first and second floors of the present library building. The Collection is on open access and materials can be borrowed according to library borrowing policy. Registered undergraduate students are entitled to two books with a loan period of two weeks, while postgraduate and faculty are entitled to a maximum of four books for four weeks.

The Reference Collection

The Reference collection is a rich stock of information resources consisting of dictionaries, encyclopaedia, handbooks and other resources intended strictly for consultation. These resources are not available for borrowing. However they are quite accessible and can be found in the Reference Unit on the ground floor of the University Library building.

The Research Collection

The Research collection consists of the Serials collection and FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation) publications. Journals being the most important tool for reporting scientific research in all the fields of study are a major part of this Collection. The journals in the Serials Unit include current local and foreign journals in all the disciplines covered by the University. The University Library is a depository of FAO, therfore it also boasts of a rich collection of FAO reports and publications in various fields of agriculture ranging from agricultural economics, to food security, fishery and other aspects.  Newspapers and magazines are also kept in the Serial Unit. The materials in the Serial and FAO collections are closed access collections and cannot therefore be borrowed.

The Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is managed by the Circulation Unit. The materials are closed access and cannot therefore be taken outside the library, however a user may be allowed to use it for a maximum of two hours at a time on users request. The reserve materials are materials are those recommended by the lecturers or found to be few in the library, yet in high demand.

Government Publications and Special documents

These documents consist mostly of locally published materials like theses and dissertations, inaugural lectures, convocation speeches and annual lectures. Publications which emanate from government agencies, ministries and parasatals are also kept in this collection. The collection may conveniently be referred to as the archive of the University. They are on closed access status and only accessible directly to teaching staff and postgraduate students only.